How we work

Work with our investors is carried out in an exhaustive and rigorous manner following a simple methodology with the objective of maximizing returns, guaranteeing and maintaining the investors capital:

inversion en inmuebles

1. Definition Investment Objective

In the first phase, an investment objective is developed with the investor in terms of:

  • Real estate assets (target area, type of asset, price, profitability, tenant, enforced, …)
  • Financial conditions (degree of leverage based on the profitability objective, investment periods, type of leverage, …)

2. Analysis and objective search

At this stage and once defined the objective, our mission is to develop:

  • Target Product Search, corresponding analysis and Investment presentations.
  • Design, structure and negotiation of financial conditions with different banking entities

3. Purchasing process

Finally, in the final phase, the following states are established:

  • Negotiation with seller
  • Full Due Diligence
  • Closing the purchase according to the objectives established with investor
Bank entity

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