Premises leased to DIA supermarkets

We have carried out numerous operations in the retail sector, especially in supermarkets. Our team of professionals daily evaluates numerous commercial premises that comply with the technical and customer access specifications, selecting the best options to offer them to leading brands in the sector such as Dia.

Obviously, in addition to being a premis that meets the technical and legal specifications for the installation of a supermarket of these characteristics, also must enter within a few parameters of profitability. In our team we have specialists who know well what are those parameters of profitability that a commercial premises must meet to be offered to our customers, based on their market and services.



Up to date we have carried out 7 operations with Supermercados DIA in the Community of Madrid with a profitability between 4.5 and 7%.

If you are a property owner and want to increase the profitability and security of your investment in this property, contact us and we will study the feasibility of proposing an operation with the main brands of various sectors of the Spanish market.